N-PEP-12 is Neuroprotective

The neuroprotective potency of N-PEP-12 was investigated in a neuronal cell culture experimental study. Therefore, lesion models have been applied in neuronal cell cultures to stimulate acute brain ischemia.

More specifically, primary cultures of cortical neurons were pre-treated with N-PEP-12 and subjected to various types of cellular lesions and stress that would stimulate conditions that occur in the aging brain.


1 mM L-Glutamate - 24h recovery

0.1 µM Ionomycin - 24h incubation


The figure shows effects of different dosages of N-PEP-12 on neuronal viability in lesion models. Higher optical density values indicate increased cell survival.

The results of the study strongly indicate a neuroprotective effect of N-PEP-12 with a dose-dependent protection of neurons in all lesion models. Cell viability was significantly increased by N-PEP-12 treatment as compared to control group.

In summary, it was demonstrated that N-PEP-12 is a potent neuroprotective agent that can protect vulnerable neurons against metabolic deficits, ischaemic episodes and neurodegenerative processes which occur in the aging brain.

N-PEP-12 – a novel peptide compound that protects cortical neurons in culture against different age and disease associated lesions

M. Windisch et al./ J Neural Transm 2005, 112 (10):1331-1343