N-PEP-12 Neuronal Improvement

Improvement of Memory

N-PEP-12 is a safe and effective compound for counteracting mild memory deficits that occur so frequently in later life.

Crook and his team investigated these effects of N-PEP-12 in a fully randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, parallel-group trial, comparing a 90 mg daily dose of N-PEP-12 with placebo.

The primary outcome measure, was the memory score on the Alzheimer’s Disease Assessment Scale-Cognitive (ADAS-cog).

Secondary outcome measures included the Syndrome Short Test (SST), to detect clinical changes in symptomatology.

Significant improvement of ADAS-cog average score after 1 month of treatment


Significant improvement of the Syndrome Short Test (SST) average score after 1 month of treatment

Study participants with N-PEP-12 intake over one month improved on objective and subjective assessments of memory, compared to those with placebo intake. They have performed better on neuropsychological tests and perceived subjective improvement of their mental capabilities and memory performance.

Effects of N-PEP-12 on memory among older adults

T.H. Crook et al./ Int Clin Psychopharmacol 2005, 20:97-100

Improvement of Cognitive Function

N-PEP-12 enhances cognitive function and activates brain biolectrical activity in healthy elderly subjects.

A study was performed to investigate the effect of a single oral dose of N-PEP-12 on brain bioelectrical activity and on cognitive performance in healthy elderly subjects, with memory complaints.

Cognitive function and the brain bioelectrical activity of the participants were tested before N-PEP-12 intake and 24 hours after administration of N-PEP-12 by using a battery of cognitive tests and EEG recordings.

Effects of N-PEP-12 on memory performance

A significant improvement after N-PEP-12 administration were seen on the Word Recognition test and in the Total Memory Score (sum of the Word Recall and Word Recognition items).

These observations indicate that N-PEP-12 acts as a potent activator of brain activity even after only a single oral dose and supports and potentiates attention and memory function in elderly adults.

These results were further confirmed by Electroencephalograpic measurements (EEG), which showed acceleration of overall brain activity.

Neuropeptide Dietary Supplement N-PEP-12 Enhances Cognitive Function and Activates Brain Biolectrical Activity in Healthy Elderly Subjects

X.A. Álvarez et al./Methods Find Exp Clin Pharmacol 2005, 27(7):483-487