N-PEP-12 Improvement of Synaptic Density & Plasticity

Aging is associated with morphological and functional changes in the brain, resulting in the deterioration of cognitive performance. N-PEP-12 has shown to share properties with naturally occurring peptide growth factors by stimulating neurite outgrowth and beneficial effects on neuronal survival and protection against metabolic stress in cell cultures.

The study of Hutter-Bayer et al. aims to show the effect of long-term intake of N-PEP-12 on age dependent memory decline in rats by assessing cognitive performance and the concomitant changes of synaptic density in the hippocampal formation.

Memory and learning performance of the animals was assessed after the onset of treatment. After the last behavioural test the animals brain samples were collected for subsequent histological analysis of synaptic density in the hippocampal formation.

The results of the behavioural tests show a statistically significant difference between the N-PEP-12 treated group and the control group, with a favor for N-PEP-12.

Number of synaptophysin immunoreactive dots: 
Values represent synaptophysin immunoreative dots in % of the control group (mean +SEM; *p<0.05)

Effect of concentrated neuropeptides (over 48 hours)
Brain cells unter the microscope (manified 400x)

The improved cognitive performance of the N-PEP-12 treated animals correlates with morphological changes in the hippocampus of the animals as an increase of synaptic density was observed in the N-PEP-12 treated group. These results are in excellent accordance with the observed cognitive effects, since these brain structures are known to be involved in learning and memory mechanisms. It has been demonstrated that a loss of synaptic connectivity in these structures occurs during aging and is a marker of age associated cognitive decline.

The increase in synaptic density and plasticity may induce long term beneficial effects, and potentially can slow down cognitive performance decline with age or reduce the risk of memory decline in the elderly.

Long-term treatment of aged Long Evans rats with a dietary supplement containing neuroprotective peptides (N-PEP-12) to prevent brain aging: effects of three months daily treatment by oral gavage

Hutter-Paier B. et al./J of Med Life 2015, 8(2):207-212