The extensive clinically tested nutritional supplement, made from a unique, patented composition of N-PEP-12.

The product is manufactured in Europe (Austria & Germany).

MemoProve® is a natural health product that improves memory, concentration, the ability to learn new things or improve day-to-day decision making.

N-PEP-12, the active ingredient, is made from a patented blend of peptones - a mixture of neuropeptides and amino acids, that protects neuronal structures in the brain. The neuropeptides in N-PEP-12 are derived from natural protein sources. N-PEP-12 is safe, effective, and clinically demonstrated to support brain functions and to improve memory, alertness, and concentration. It also prevents or delays the loss of mental performance in humans.

Clinically proven

Nutritional Supplement

MemoProve - Nutritional Supplement

Memory Problems, Concentration, Learning

For people who would like to improve remembering, learning new things, concentration, or day-to-day decision making.

Memory and concentration problems can have different reasons and also affect the younger population. Stress, task overload and sleep deficits can even accelerate the onset of mild memory problems.

Aged related Memory decline

Studies show that Short-Term memory declines with age (starting from 25 years on) and continuing throughout life.

Common signs of age-related Memory problems include:

  • Trouble remembering names of people you just met
  • Misplacing objects (cellphone, keys, wallet, etc.)
  • Problems paying attention or concentrating
  • Difficulties in remembering information
  • Chronic medication use

Memory difficulties as consequence of diseases

Memory problems might also be a consequence of a wide variety of conditions and diseases (for example as Stroke, Traumatic Brain Injury or Neurocognetive Disorders).

MemoProve® can be taken in addition to the prescribed therapies to counteract the occurred memory difficulties.

N-PEP-12 benefits

Published clinical trials show:

Improvement in short-term memory

Increased ability to concentrate

A higher state of alertness

Improved ability to retain new information

Renewed confidence in memory

Improved mental sharpness and clarity

Improvements generally begin within 30 days and increase with continued use.

How to use?

The daily recommended dosage is 1-2 tablets per day, which can be taken with our without food. 

MemoProve® has a high safety profile. It is well tolerated and there are no interactions with other drugs or food products. 

MemoProve® can be taken with vitamins and has no impact on their effect.

MemoProve® is easy to use with a convenient dosage regime.

What is different?

MemoProve® is produced according to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) within the same high standard as a pharmaceutical product.

The product is manufactured in Europe (Austria & Germany).

It is the first dietary supplement made from a proprietary blend of Neuropeptides (N-PEP-12) clinically shown to improve memory.